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Naphtha, a light distillate derived from crude oil through the process of distillation, is a primary output of Crude Distillation Units (CDUs) in refineries. Its quality varies depending on the type of crude oil utilized and the characteristics of the CDU.

This versatile substance undergoes further refining to yield gasoline and various petrochemicals, while also serving as a crucial feedstock across multiple industries.

Additionally, it finds application as a burning fuel in power plants. Light naphtha, distinguished by its elevated octane rating, is instrumental in gasoline blending processes. Conversely, heavy naphtha typically undergoes additional processing to isolate valuable aromatic compounds such as benzene and toluene. Gasoline, commonly referred to as petrol, is a refined fuel derived from a blend of different components extracted during both primary and secondary stages of crude oil processing. It stands as the fuel of choice for internal combustion engines, powering a vast array of vehicles and machinery across the globe.